How to Choose a Dry Eye Specialist

If you’ve been following the Dry Eye Series on my blog, you’re aware of the wide range of causes and treatments to alleviate dry eye symptoms and provide long term care. 

You’re also well aware that you may be able to treat yourself in the early stages, but over time and as you age you’ll really need a good doctor to help you navigate treatment options


eye examSo how do you choose a dry eye specialist? I look for the three Es.

  • Expertise. Look for an eye doctor who has developed a deep level of expertise in the treatment options that are available, and one who diagnoses not only the symptoms of dry eye but the underlying causes. 
  • Experience. That expertise—while it can be learned in schools, seminars, and reading research papers—can only be developed with first-hand experience treating patients and bringing them relief. 
  • Excellence. Expertise and experience needs to be buttressed with an on-going pursuit of excellence. That means keeping up with developments in medicine and treatments as well as implementing the latest technology.


All those are fairly straightforward things to look for in a dry eye specialist. You should be able to find that information on their website. You should also review their credentials including certification through an accredited medical institution and license to practice through the state board of optometry. You can confirm their credentials at DocFinder for Texas.


I also suggest asking about the specific tests they plan to use to diagnose your dry eyes.

  • Schirmer Tear Test. With this test we place a strip of paper in the outer side of your lower eyelids. It measures the production of tears in your eyes to determine if you’re producing the correct amount of tears.
  • Fluorescein Eye Stain Test. These eye drops not only help measure tear production but also show the tear film breakup. This helps pinpoint early evaporation of tears and even spots on the cornea that are dehydrated. 

Look No Further

We feel that when you landed on this webpage and this blog post that you’ve already found the dry eye specialist you’ve been seeking. We’ve been treating dry eye for over 30 years, including the recent founding of our dry eye center. 

We relentlessly seek out the latest advancements in diagnosis and treatment, including implementing the latest technology. 

So, we’ve got the three Es covered (expertise, experience, and excellence) and we’re right here in Plano. 

Let’s get started. Use our contact form or call us at 972-612-2099. 

Disclaimer: The content on this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions.

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