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Office Food Subscription Ideas

Many of us are held hostage in the office by the snack food that’s brought in from someone’s home. Perhaps the worst is the leftover Halloween candy. Of course, it’s gone in a few hours, which was the purpose of bringing it into the office. But then you’re left with a sugar rush and the following crash. 

Or, perhaps it’s your turn to go to the grocery store to buy office snacks for the week or the month. The challenge is choosing food that everyone in the office will like, while still getting food that’s good for them.

Wouldn’t it be better to find a service to deliver delicious, healthy snacks? Here are a few ideas for your office in the form of subscription services, which deliver healthy food on a regular basis.


subscribeThis service has over 100 different snacks that they select from to pack in a box and deliver to your office every month. They pride themselves on healthy food without trans-fat, GM ingredients, artificial flavors, etc. They give back as well, through the Graze School of Farming in Uganda.

Love with Food

Their headline is “smart office snacking that helps fight childhood hunger.” For every purchase they donate to a foodbank. You can order one or two trays of snacks per month, which includes 65 snacks and 10 varieties in each tray. They take pride in delivering all-natural and organic snacks and they also fit gluten-free, vegan, and other special diets.

Snack Nation

Each of their office boxes contains 150 healthy snacks. They also donate 10 meals to a family in need for every box delivered. Each month half the snacks are different from the previous month’s batch. 

Healthy Surprise

Their boxes contain a mix of bars, drinks, sweets, fruits, veggies, chips, nuts, and more. They are gluten, GMO, soy, corn, and wheat free. They offer a classic box with 15 snacks, big box with 21 snacks, and the paleo box with 17 snacks.


Their niche is delivering assorted snacks from around the world. There’s quite an array of snacks and drinks from brands you’ve never heard of before. This sort of snack can be a real treat.

Nature Box

They offer over 50 snacks that you pick from to fill your own box. You also choose the quantity and delivery frequency. They include snacks “made with ingredients you can trust and zero artificial nonsense.” 


I like their pitch: “More energy. Less junk.” That means they provide healthy and organic snacks from jerky to fruit crisps and sesame sticks to oatcakes. 

Cocoa Runners

This one might be my favorite. Regular delivery of craft chocolate bars, four new ones every month. Not sure I’d want to share this one with the office.

There’s More

Of course, there are many more services both for office and for home. I like the listing of 35+ at Life Health HQ that includes everything from snacks to cocktails.

I hope this provides insight into what’s available and helps you explore how to provide the best snacks for your office. 

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