Five Heathy Eating Tips for the Office

We all spend a significant amount of time at the office. That includes snacking and meals as well as a variety of drinks from coffee to soda. All that grazing can have a big impact on our health, for better or for worse. Here are our thoughts on how to make it for the better.

Start with Breakfast 

While it’s not at the office, hopefully, you really need to start your day with breakfast. Your body has gone all night without any nutrition and its time to add fuel. I recommend fresh fruit, whole grain bread or cereal, low-fat milk, and yogurt as healthy options.

If you skip breakfast, you’ll be prone to snacking throughout the day and that can be hazardous to your health, including your waist line and even your attitude.

Limit Snacking

In my blog post “Office Food Ideas That Aren’t Awful” I recommended healthy snacks such as fruits, granola bars, and yogurt. It’s great when your office provides snacks, but it can also weigh you down—both figuratively and literally. So, it’s a good idea to limit your snacking and make it a healthy snack rather than candy.

Drink Lots of Water

waterSugar is not your friend. So instead of drinking sodas or lattes drenched in sugar, no matter how good they taste, drink water. If water is too bland for your taste, try club soda or seltzer. Seltzer with flavors can also be great or even add a lemon or lime to your water. 

It’s estimated that only one-third of us drink the recommended eight glasses of water every day. Water clears toxins from our system while dehydration causes low energy levels and headaches. So drink up!

Bring Your Own Lunch

Eating in the cafeteria or a nearby restaurant can offer some pleasing choices. But, if it’s burgers and fries, it’s probably better to pack your own lunch. That way you have complete control over the food and, of course, that will include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy meats in your sandwich. Think tuna instead of salami.

Afternoon Break

While limiting snacks is a good idea, it’s really the continuous grazing that can add extra calories and sugar to your diet. But an afternoon break is a good idea. You’ve had lunch, healthy of course, and the time until dinner is too long to keep up your energy levels. So eat a healthy afternoon snack. 

Nuts, granola bars, or even dark chocolate with low amounts of sugar can be very healthy alternatives to M&Ms. Or, if you must have M&Ms, make them peanut M&Ms for slightly lower calories and more fiber plus some protein.

What’s Next?

There’s no end of eating advice available on the web. I like Prevention’s “The Big Easy” with 25 tips for healthy eating. 

Nutrition makes a big difference in your vision as well as your overall health. But it can’t replace a regular eye exam and the care that can only come from an experienced optometrist. If it’s time for an exam, new contacts, or eyeglasses, or if you’ve got a nagging problem with dry eyes or anything else, we can help.

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Disclaimer: The content on this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of qualified health providers with questions you may have regarding medical conditions. 

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