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How Often Should I Take My Child to Get an Eye Exam?

Checking up on your child’s vision is so much more challenging than making sure they’re dressed correctly or determining if they have a fever. After all, you can’t see through their eyes to recognize any vision problems. 

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BlueTech Lenses for Kids

I’ve written before about Blue Tech Technology, primarily addressing the impact of blue light on adults, typically due to high computer use. But kids also suffer from the effects. After all, kids’ arms are shorter and the light generated by laptops, tablets, and mobile phones is more intense at that shorter distance.

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Computer Glasses for Kids

It used to be that we warned kids about lengthy television viewing. Now we need to be concerned about computer screens for school work, mobile screens, and screens for playing computer games.

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Child Eye Care Tips

Fall is the start of the school year, and it’s also an excellent time to check all aspects of your child’s health. Plus, since so much of their work and play in school will involve their vision, you need to take steps to ensure not only that your child’s eyes are in good shape but also that they stay that way amid all the bustle of the new school year.


Kids and Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome, also known as digital eye strain, is the result of two or more hours in front of a digital screen, including tablets, computers, and phones. It consists of dry and irritated eyes, eye fatigue, blurred vision, and headaches as well as neck and back pain.


Child Complaining About Sudden Double Vision

If your child is covering one eye, squinting to see, moving their eyes from one side to the other, tilting their head, or looking at things from the side, they may be experiencing double vision.


Child Squinting and Blinking Eyes

Children do the darnedest things. Sometimes those things can be reasons for concern and other times they may just be passing stages. Let’s look at excessive blinking.


Common Eye Problems in Children

Healthy vision is a critical part of every child’s development. This requires regular eye exams to ensure they have sound vision and that any problems are detected and treated early.