eye exam

How Often Should You Get Your Eyes Checked?

Regular eye exams are key to keeping good vision and healthy eyes. Many eye diseases, disorders and vision problems have no symptoms, so you might not even realize you have a problem until you start losing sight.


How to Maintain High Energy Levels at Work

If your work day is like mine, it starts early in the morning and extends into the evening. The challenge is to maintain a high energy level throughout that full work day. 


Wearables and Weight Gain

From the New York Times to Time Magazine, they’re all reporting that fitness trackers or “wearables” may actually cause weight gain. This news coverage is based on a report from the Journal of the American Medical Association. The bottom line finding: “Devices that monitor and provide feedback on physical activity may not offer an advantage over standard behavioral weight loss approaches.”


Fitness Trackers and Sleep Tracking

With your fitness program you’re running, biking, swimming, climbing stairs, and maybe even getting up from your desk throughout the work day. It’s now time to give consideration to a fitness tracker to measure your effort and track your progress. 

running shoes

Fitbit Pros and Cons

Vision is an important part of your overall health and physical wellbeing. But, of course, it isn’t the only part.