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The 10 Most Common Eye Diseases and Disorders

Most people have problems with their eyes at some point in their life. Some of these problems are minor, like seasonal allergies that make your eyes water, but other problems can be more serious.

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Could My Vision Be Better?

Your vision could possibly be improved. As a Doctor of Optometry who has been practicing since 1986, just the word “vision” can get me talking for hours, if not days. But let me summarize many of the aspects of vision and then I’ll address the next steps toward improving your vision.

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Myopia Treatment Options

Researchers estimate that one-third to a half of Americans are nearsighted and that percentage has been growing over the last few decades. They feel that a big part of that increase has been from genetics, inherited from one or both parents. But researchers are only beginning to gain a better understanding of possible environmental causes, such as the affects of computer screens.


How to Improve Weak Eyesight in Children

There are a few ways to improve eyesight in children and adults. These chiefly have to do with nutrition and exercise. And, of course, getting the proper amount of rest and relaxation is just as important to maintaining overall vision health.